Penguin HMI

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The PenGUIn™ provides the ultimate in machine-HMI functionality

Effective operation and control is only as good as your machine-HMI.

So imagine communication without limitation!

The PenGUIn machine-HMI is set apart from other HMI, because it has a powerful combination of monitoring, control and outstanding communication capabilities. In addition to the standard HMI functionality, it includes protocol conversion, web server capability and port sharing.

All these impressive features are easily manager and configured by GUIcon software package, which includes an extensive 5000 object library. Add to this, a strong service team comprised entirely of degree qualified engineers, who understand your process, an absolute commitment to innovation.

Also 5% of our total sales continuously re-invested in research and development, we can and do imagine making the impossible happen for our customers.

Communicate with up to 13 of them SIMULTANEOUSLY and access them REMOTELY, and a list with over 200 drivers for a variety of devices.


  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Built-in web server
  • Convert over 200 protocols
  • Two Ethernet ports
  • Two USB ports
  • Free software and support


Free, yet powerful GUIcon Software

  • Built-in gateway and protocol converter to Ethernet-enable any connected device
  • An extensive library of drivers to communicate with a variety of PLC, drives and other control components
  • Complete library of over 5,000 industrial graphics in over 60 different categories
  • Full-featured C-type syntax programming environment
  • Multi-lingual capability with support
  • Built-in emulator to test user interface, data logging and even the web server


Features PenGUIn™ machine-HMI
Certificates UL Class I, Div 2
Comms Ports Two RS-232, one RS-422/485 standard; expandable with optional card / Two RS-232, two RS-422/485 (expandable) Isolated ports
Compact Flash Slot Yes
Data Logging User-programmable logging rates with time/date stamp and security management; data synchronization, PLC and alarm triggering; CSV file format
Dimensions 7.08" x 8.83" x 2.3" (179.8 x 224.3 x 58 mm) / 8.18" x 10.32" x 2.9" (207.8 x 262 x 73 mm) / 9.50" x 12.83" x 2.45" (241.3 x 325.8 x 62 mm) / 13.0"x 16.0" x 2.8" (330.2 x 406.4 x 71.5 mm)
Ethernet 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX
Keypad Programmable 5-key membrane / Programmable 7-key membrane / Programmable 8-key membrane / Programmable 10-key membrane
Optional Cards Modem
Power Supply 24V dc ±20%
Protocol Conversion Yes
Ratings NEMA 4X/IP66
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels / 1024 X 768 pixels
Software Free GUIcon software with free upgrades and support; drag-and-drop data mapping, free device drivers, milti-language support 5000+ graphics library
USB and Host USB PG6: Yes (host only) / PG8, PG10, PG15: Yes
Web/FTP Server Remote access and control, access to logged data via FTP or web browser; pass-through programming; notification and alarms; automatic HTML page population
Display Type 5.7" TFT Active Matrix, 256-color QVGA display / 8.4" TFT 32K-color / 10.4" TFT 32K-color VGA display / 32K Color XGA LCD display