Eurotherm 2208e 1/8 DIN mounted, high stability temperature and process controllers with the following attributes:

  •  Self-tuning with overshoot inhibition
  •  Heating and cooling outputs
  •  Customized operator display
  •  The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarms.
  •  Digital communications
  •  Fully configurable on-site
  •  Modular heating and cooling outputs
  •  Digital communications with industry standard protocols
  •  Easy connection through digital comms
  •  Two digital inputs to select auto/manual transfer
  •  Modbus and DeviceNetTM communications
  •  Advanced load current monitoring

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Food and brewing
  • Plastics - Extrusion with optimized fan or water cooling algorithms
  • Heat Treatment - Ovens and furnaces
  • Cold stores
  • Packaging machines


  • Universal input
  • Heating and cooling outputs
  • Motorized valve output
  • Up to three alarm relays
  • Setpoint rate limit with timer function
  • Heater current display
  • Load diagnostics

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