The PenGUIn machine-HMI clearly distinguishes itself in the market place through a powerful combination of control, monitoring, and outstanding communication capabilities. Besides the standard HMI functionality, it includes port sharing, protocol conversion, and web server capability.

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All these impressive features are easily configured and managed by GUIcon software package, which includes an extensive library of more than 5000 objects.

Choose from a list with over 200 drivers for a variety of devices. Access them REMOTELY and Communicate with up to 13 of them SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Two Ethernet ports
Two USB ports
Convert over 200 protocols
Built-in web server
Remote monitoring & control
Free software and support
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Powerful Hardware Platform
One RS-422/485 port and two RS-232 ports are standard on all models
Simultaneous communication with a minimum of 13 different protocols (expandable)
Optional expansion cards to add either two serial ports, DeviceNet™, CANopen, J1939, PROFIBUS DP™ or a cellular modem
Dual Ethernet port provides communications separately to the factory floor and enterprise
The PenGUIn has plenty of options
Protocol Conversion
Easily manage multi-vendor environments
Convert over 200 major industrial protocols
Drag-and-drop data mapping via GUIcon1.0
Gateway from any protocol to another

Data Logging
Acquire data at user-defined rates from any or all connected devices into a single file
Data stored in open CSV file format (Excel compatible)
Collect, store, display data
Email or FTP logged files
Web Serving
Auto-uploads data to FTP, web pages and/or dashboards
Web and network-enable any and all connected devices
Display same as panel, just tags or custom pages
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