Tempering is used to improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.

Eurotherm has supplied hundreds of its PID temperature controllers and single-phase power control units to customers for controlling heat treatment, tempering ovens and annealing used in the manufacture of disposable razor blades, and other precision metal products.

For the blade market, obtaining a good shave requires a blade with the finest edge, which explains why quality and production consistency are fundamental requirements.

The key to achieving these important goals depends partly on the precise control of temperature in the heat treatment, annealing and tempering furnaces. Eurotherm controllers are used in these applications, as well as the injection molding process for the razor body and in special-purpose printing machines.

By providing controls like the Eurotherm 32h8 and Epack-1 PH power controls production machines achieve very the high standard of temperature accuracy and uniformity demanded by the customer. As a result, their production facilities maintain a consistent high quality, which, in turn, reduces scrap and increases productivity.