A 3500 series controller fits perfectly in a 2400 series case. If you are interested in taking advantage of many of the FREE software features in a 3504 or 3508 controller, you don’t even need to unwire a thing. The 3508 and 2408 cases are interchangeable. There is no difference in terminal layout and the case length is identical. The 3504 and 2404 cases are also interchangeable. However, adding the 3504 instead gives you the ability to add more IO modules. The price point between the 3500 unit and the 2400 unit is very similar and we are happy to work with you in price competitive situations.

Here are some of the free features found in a 3500 series unit not found in a 2400 unit:

  • Temperature and atmosphere control in one unit
  • 50 ramp/soak programs (max of 20 in the 2400 series)
  • Logic and math function blocks
  • Automatic thermocouple burnout switching
  • Custom interface screens