At we do the very best to provide you with an economical repair or replacement of all obsolete Eurotherm Instruments.

Obsolete Products






Do you have or need to replace any of the following Eurotherm or Barber Coleman instruments?

Eurotherm Ampstacks, EM1, TE10A, 91,92, 94, 808, 847, 818, 818P, 902, 903, 904, 2116

Barber Coleman 520, 570

While we do not list all of the obsolete instruments, we do provide repair, refurbished or replacement for almost all Eurotherm & Barber Coleman products.

Plus we also provide repair & replacement for most Red Lion instruments as well.

If you need over the phone or email assistance selecting a particular instrument replacement, our Engineering Specialist, Ben Hill is available or 800-849-5655.

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