Most devices used to control different aspects of an industrial process or a machine for that matter, have a definite purpose to serve. The Mini8 Loop Controller is one such device, which is the pre-configured variant of multi-loop controller. So, it has taken certain features from the other version, but there are certainly several differences. It functions to control eight different temperature zones with each of them configurable as heat-cool or only heat.

The Mini8 Loop Controller is a data acquisition device that is both compact and competitive. It comes with a modular design and this is what enables the selection of its feature set and I/O for so many different applications, both complex and simple.

The Mini8 works really well with a programmable logic controller or PLC. The device allows the implementation of certain functions that helps in reducing the cost of PLC hardware, taking the burden of performing analog functions away from the PLC.

If we compare its performance with other similar devices, then it will be put in the same bracket as Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. The device includes a feature set that comprises PID control, set point programming, and graphical wiring amongst others.