Highly cost effective, yet easy to integrate and commission, the EFit power controller provides no compromise control for infrared heating and resistive elements.

For simple heating applications it is the perfect fit

Some Industrial processes require precise temperatures in order to comply with regulations and it is imperative that the workpiece temperature is kept within specific limits, such as heat treatment. This may be difficult to achieve in factories where the operation of large machinery can cause fluctuations in the voltage supply. Undesirable temperature fluctuations can be caused by resistive heaters, which may variation up to 10% in the supply voltage and will generate a 20% variation in the power to the load. The EFit contains built in compensation that continues to apply stable power with better than ±2% linearity at the boundaries of the load, even during fluctuations in the supply. The result is repeatable heating process and a reliable high quality end products, which is compliant to demanding heat treatment standards.

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