The 3508 controller is supplied in the standard 1/8 DIN size (48 x 96mm front panel).

It is intended for permanent installation, for indoor use only, in an electrical panel, which encloses the rear housing, terminals and wiring on the back.

The functionality of controller depends on the features which have been ordered, see order code Section 1.2 below. Examples are:-

Programmer. A programmer varies the rate of change of setpoint allowing a profile to be set up.

Plug in modules. These provide customized input/output to plant devices.
The functionality of the controller also depends on how it has been configured. When it is first supplied the controller will enter a Quick Configuration mode which allows a basic set of features to be set up operation ‘out of the box’.

Further detailed configuration may be achieved either by using iTools configuration package or entering deeper levels of access. An Engineering Handbook, Part no. HA027988, provides a detailed description together with an explanation of terminology and may be ordered or downloaded from

Section 1.2 Ordering Codes
The controller may have been ordered in accordance with the hardware code listed below. Additionally, it may have been ordered by quoting the ‘Quick Code’ listed in section 1.3. If ordered to the quick code the controller will be configured in the factory. If it is not ordered using the quick code then it will be necessary to configure the controller when it is first switched on.

Section 1.3 Quick Codes  Use the tables below to determine your quick start code

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