The Eurotherm 3200 series of controllers are available in the following DIN sizes 1/16 3216, 1/8 3208, 1/8 horizontal 32h8 and 1/43204 DIN panel sizes. 


They are designed for precision control of temperature and other process variables and contain a host of advanced features including:


  • Setpoint programming

  • Internal timer

  • Instant indication of process alarms,

  • Heater faults alarms

  • Clear process information

  • Scrolling customized text messages

  • Storage and selection of commonly used process recipes

  • Remote setpoint for multi-zone applications


They can be ordered with serial and broadcast communications using Modbus Designed to integrate seamlessly with PLCs and supervisory control and monitoring systems


Typical applications include hot runner control, plastics extrusion, thermal forming, chillers, furnaces and ovens, stress relieving and many more.