The 3508 large 5-digit display provides a clear and unambiguous indication of the process value. A four-line message centre provides custom or standard views of important information to the user while vertical and horizontal bargraphs provide at a glance visual indication of the process.

The Eurotherm 3508 is a 1/8 DIN process controller belonging to the most advanced range of products in this category. It offers precision control of a range of process variables, such as temperature. It has advanced features that offer great flexibility.

For configuring basic functions, including control options, alarms, sensor type, and measurement range a 'Quick Start' process can be used. The unit combines flexibility with ease of use. For configuring advanced features, users can use a PC based tool that allows them to select functions from a library.  

Ideal for:
Process applications
Reactors and Fermenters
Environmental chambers
Melt pressure
Heat Treatment

Precision PV input
Modbus RTU
50 Programs
Carbon potential
Ethernet Modbus TCP
2 PID loops
Custom user interface
Profibus DPDeviceNet network