A universal input enables selection of nine internally stored thermocouple types and the PT100 resistance thermometer.  Linear inputs can be scaled to the desired display range. Two relay outputs are configurable for alarms. Three internal alarm setpoints are provided- configurable as high, low or deviation. Alarms can be 'blocked' on start-up to prevent unnecessary operator alerts.

The 1/32 DIN Eurotherm 2132i temperature and process controller comes with indication and alarming capabilities. Relay outputs can be used to implement over temperature furnace limits and other such process interlocks.

Fully configurable using operator interface
Alarm blocking on start-up
Simple operation
Reliable performance and accuracy
The PT100 resistance thermometer and nine thermocouples that are stored internally are available for selection with the universal input. Users can download other input linearizations. Based on the display range, linear inputs can be scaled accordingly.

There are three internal alarm set points that can be configured as deviation, high, or low alarms. Users can block the alarms on start-up to avoid unwanted alerts.

Users can expect positive operation with the presence of tactile buttons.

Based on the parameter the operator wants to see and adjust, the operator interface can be accordingly customized. Other parameters can be put under password protection.

Ideal for:
Plastics - extrusion
Heat treatment -small ovens
Trace heating
Heat sealing
Three internal alarm set points
Two configurable outputs
Universal input selection
Heater failure detection
Customized operator interface
Tactile buttons