The Eurotherm EFit power controller is easy to commission and integrate. It is cost effective, but don’t provide any compromise in the control of resistive and infrared heating elements.

Cost effective and exceptional process performance
EFit is compliant with international standards of immunity, quality, and emissions, and can be used for all heating applications. The unit delivers precise control even in the most extreme industrial conditions, such as limited cabinet space.

Perfect for simple heating applications
Heat treatment and other such industrial processes need accurate temperatures to comply with regulations. However, this isn’t possible to achieve in a large industrial plant where fluctuations in voltage is a common phenomenon. If we consider resistive heaters, 20% variation in the power to the load can be caused with a variation of 10% in the supply voltage. This can cause unwanted temperature fluctuations. The EFit power control unit continues to deliver a uniform flow of power supply, even when there are voltage fluctuations. This will result in a continuous and reliable heating process that delivers products that comply with heat treatment standards.

Easy Installation

  • Minimal connection — pre-wired plug in connectors
  • Nothing to fix — just clip onto DIN rail
  • Nothing to configure — plug and play

Control precisely

  • Eliminate voltage fluctuations
  • Achieve tight tolerances
  • Optimize energy use

Improve processes

  • Minimise downtime
  • Maximise throughput
  • Reduce cost of ownership