It has a modular hardware construction in a 1/16 DIN size with self-tuning and the option of two control outputs, one alarm relay and a communications module. The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarms. The 2216e is fully on-site configurable.

Precise advanced PID control algorithm gives stable ‘Straight-line’ control of the process. A one-shot tuner is provided to set up the initial PID values and to calculate the overshoot inhibition parameters. Power feedback is used to stabilize the output power on electrically heated loads to control temperature against supply voltage fluctuations.

It comes with a universal input circuit with an advanced analogue to digital convertor samples the input at 9Hz and continuously corrects it for drift. Input filtering from OFF to 999.9 seconds is included.

Sensor diagnostics are provided, plus dedicated cooling algorithms ensure optimum control, water and oil cooled systems. This gives high stability and rapid response to process changes. High noise immunity is achieved by rejection of 50/60Hz pick-up and other sources of noise. The input will accept all standard thermocouples, the Pt100 resistance temperature detectors and linear millivolts, milliamps or DC volts.

A LED display provides a bright, clear display of the setpoint and process value. Tactile push buttons ensure positive operation. Access to other parameters is simple and easy to understand and can be customized to present only those parameters that need to be viewed or adjusted. All other parameters are locked away under password protection.