• Current range: 16-100A at 45°C, Voltage up to 500V
    • High reliability with no mechanical contacts
    • Optimized design for reduced size
    • Simple installation and maintenance
    • Fast cycle times give increased heater life
    • Protected against transients

Economic solid state contactor for use with the low temperature coefficient loads.

The 7100L range provides an effective replacement for electromechanical contactors.

There are no mechanical contacts to wear out and so maintenance costs and downtime are reduced.

Silent operation and lack of electrical interference, achieved by zero voltage switching, give environmentally friendly operation. Fast switching reduces the thermal cycling of the elements resulting in improved control and extended element life.


High speed fuses are external to the unit and can be ordered complete with fuse holder as part of the 7100L order code. Spare fuses or complete fuse and fuse holder assemblies can also be ordered separately


Firing is ON/OFF in response to the logic input, with zero voltage switching. A green ‘heat’ LED indicator on the front face indicates the status of the input signal.

These units, with integral heatsinks, are driven by a logic input signal which can be either AC or DC.