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Eurotherm EPower™ Controller - The Future of Power Control, Modular Design, Software Configurable, QuickStart Easy Set Up, Predictive Load Management, Flexible communications



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The Epower Controller from Eurotherm offers Flexibility, Efficiency, and Piece of Mind for your Power Control. It offers Communications, Predictive Load Management, Flexible I/O Load Tap Changer option and many other software options.

The Eurotherm EPower controller helps in minimizing your energy costs and managing your process by making use of new innovations and technologies. It provides you the flexibility that you need to meet your current as well as future needs.

  • Software Configurable
  • Predictive Load Management
  • Flexible Communications
  • QuickStart Easy Setup
  • Advanced Configuration using Graphical Wiring Editor Modular Design

By using this unit controlling the power of your process, you will stay worry free as you will have the best you could have ever asked for your process.

  • Peace of mind - This is a power control unit that meets both your current and future power control needs. It is a single solution for all your power control requirements.
  • Efficiency - You are guaranteed exceptional performance as the unit delivers exceptional power control capability.
  • Flexibility - Use of newest technologies along with the modular design deliver the perfect solutions to your power control needs.

Configurability and modularity

  • A common driver module can be used to configure a number of features, including control, load, firing mode, phases, etc.
  • Single and multi-phase control is offered by 4 power control modules
  • Modular design means easy maintenance, ordering, and configuration
  • Configurability through software

Eurotherm’s EPower options

  • Four control loops and four power modules are supported using a single driver module.  Current ratings of power modules range from 100A to 630A. Additional flexibility is achieved with the support of options boards by the driver module:
  • Flexible I/O -
  • Load Tap Changer (LTC) option
  • Communications
  • Energy Counter

Ideal for:

  • Glass furnaces
  • Induction heating
  • Plastics - Vacuum furnace
  • Food processing
  • High temperature furnaces
  • Melt heat treatment
  • Multi-channel heaters

Software Configuration Options:
Control Type:

  • Single phase
  • Two phase
  • 2 x single phase
  • 3 x single phase
  • 4 x single phase
  • 2 x two phase
  • True three phase

Firing Modes:

  • Phase angle
  • Half cycle
  • Burst firing
  • Fix modulation period
  • Logic mode

Load Type:

  • Standard Resistive
  • Complex Resistive
  • Inductive e.g. Transformer
  • Load Configuration
  • Single phase
  • Short Wave Infrared
  • Delta
  • Open Delta
  • Star
  • Star with neutral


  • V2
  • I2
  • Open loop
  • Large extruders
  • True power
  • RMS load voltage
  • RMS load current