Continental Solid State Relays and I/O Modules are being obsoleted by year end 2015.
Most, but not all, will be replaced Zelio products.

Zelio Products

We would encourage you to contact us immediately, so that you can make final buys by mid December.
Or go to our Website and see for yourself

Fawn Capps will take your request for pricing and availability.
Fawn Capps 
Call her at 800-849-5655, or send her an email with your request.

While Zelio by Schneider has a much broader offering than Continental, there are several sized that will not cross over.
This was a decision made by Eurotherm by Schneider, and we will be happy to help you with the transition.

If you need over the phone technical, please contact our Applications Specialist,
Ben Hill 800-849-5655.
Ben Hill