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Eurotherm 1/4 DIN Advanced Controller/Programmer with Profibus Option. 96mm Wide x 96mm High x 150mm Deep. Features & Options: Dot Matrix display, Modular design allows for up to 5 I/O slots, digital communications, & programming. Up to 3 loops can be ordered. ***Schneider Electric has issued a stop sell into the state of California for Eurotherm 2704, 3504, 3508, & Mini8 with Ethernet connectivity. If placing an order, you will be required to sign an Ethernet Compliance Letter before the order is processed.***



Availability: 10-12 working days to ship (All lead times are subject to change)


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The 2704 is a highly accurate and stable process controller available in a single, dual or triple loop format. Features include setpoint programming,comprehensive selection of maths and logic functions and Profibus option.

The Eurotherm 2704F is a stable and precise process controller that comes in three loop formats; single, dual, or triple.


  • Selection of math and logic functions
  • Best in class control
  • High performance measurement
  • Set point programming
  • Flexible I/O
  • Graphical soft wiring

A bright dot matrix display is incorporated in the user friendly interface, offering ease of use and flexibility. It can be easily configured and has many features that are commonly associated with programmable logic controllers (PLC).

The unit simplifies complexity of systems and minimizes system costs by helping implement process control and logic functions of a particular machine. Configuration can be done using iTools or through the front panel.

High Precision Process Input

Accuracy of control stems from accuracy in measurement. The measurement of four wire Pt25 and Pt100 measurement is achieved by designing a module for high accuracy metrology applications.

The 2000IO expander helps in expanding the logic capability of the unit and achieving greater remote operation by increasing the digital I/O.

The 2704 is a High End Set Point Programmer

  • 3 profiled set points/program
  • 600 segments
  • 16 event outputs
  • program mimic display
  • 60 programs

The 2704 can store 60 set point programs of 16 digital events each. Digital inputs, wait functions, and holdback offer flexibility in applications, such as autoclaves, environmental chambers, vacuum furnaces, and carburizing.  The unit can be used to programme up to 600 segments.

Digital communications

  • Master Modbus
  • Ethernet Modbus/TCP
  • DeviceNet® network communications
  • EI-Bisync
  • Modbus RTU

The 2704 has a modular build that allows easy integration into PLC supervisory systems and PC using the available communication protocols. It supports two slave communication ports.

Master Modbus communications make the unit open to a number of applications. The unit provides set point programmer functions as a remote operator when combined with the Mini8 16 loop controller.