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Eurotherm 1/4 DIN Advanced Controller/Programmer with Profibus option. 96mm Wide x 96mm High x 159mm Deep. Features & Options: 5 digit display, 2 line LDC panel, Modular design allows for up to 5 I/O slots, digital communications, & programming



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The 2604 is a highly accurate and stable process controller available in a single, dual or triple loop format. Features include setpoint programming, Profibus option and comprehensive selection of maths and logic functions

The 1/4 DIN Eurotherm is high stability process and temperature controller plug-in that can perform in a number of demanding applications. The unit comes with a dual 5 digit display. It also has a 2 line LCD panel for user defined messages, alarm, and status.

  • Set point programming
  • Melt Pressure, Carbon Potential
  • One, two or three control loops
  • High stability, precision and functionality
  • PID, valve, ratio, cascade and override control
  • High speed Profibus®, ModBus® and DeviceNet™ communications
  • Profibus® is only offered on the 2604F unit
  • Test chambers, kilns, autoclaves, furnaces, fore hearths

It uses universal inputs with INSTANT ACCURACY™. If you are looking for straight line control in tough non-linear applications, the control algorithm and advanced gain scheduling serves the purpose.

The unit is available with Profibus®-DP (in the 'f' version) digital communications, high speed DeviceNet™, and Modbus® RTU. Melt pressure, carbon potential, and other powerful preprogrammed applications are also available with the unit.

The storage of up to 50 programs (500 segments, 16 digital events, guaranteed dwell, and holdback) is made easy by set point programming option.

Front panel or iTools can be used for configuration.

2000 I/O Expander

The 2604 unit comes with modular and fixed I/O. It can also provide additional input/output connections with the 2000 I/O Expander.


  • Math and logic functions
  • 3 Control loops
  • Open communications
  • SP Programmer
  • Customizable user interface